Get sooo many nutrients by starting your day with a Green Smoothie.

I’m very busy and important! I’m living a fast and furious lifestyle. Time is money…ok you get the picture.

It’s a struggle for me to get all my nutrients in one day. So, I try to do most of it in one shot. In the morning. Added bonus: making enough means you can drink it later in the day as a snack for added nutrients.

I find I’m more mentally clear starting my day with a smoothie than with any other breakfast item.

You’ll need:

1 ½  a cup of coconut or almond milk

½  Granny Smith Apple

½ cup of ice

½  Banana

½ a cucumber

½ avocado

Juice of 1 lime

1 cup of kale

1 teaspoon of fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of flax seed

1 teaspoon of chia seed

1 teaspoon coconut oil


Throw it in the blender.  This smoothie is not overly sweet, but has a hint of sweetness, the lime undercuts some of the leafiness. If you find that it’s still not sweet enough for your taste add in a pinch of Stevia.

I find that many smoothie recipes OD on the fruit, which means they are very high in sugar.  There’s a common misconception, that fruit, even in excessive quantities is good for you just because it comes from nature.  Fructose can still spike blood sugar in the same way.


Here’s why this all works:

  • Granny Smith apples are more tart than other kinds of apples, so they will not cause a spike in your blood sugar and raise insulin levels. They’re high in fiber and water, which makes you stay full longer, they are also anti-inflammatory.

  • Bananas of course are known for their high amounts of potassium.  In addition calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6. They also contain tryptophan which is great for brain health in that it is a precursor to serotonin.

  • Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat and are known to block the development of arteriosclerosis. Another benefit of such fats? They’re good for your brain. Which is good for your mental health. Avocados contain Omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid. It helps fight inflammation which is the leading cause of depression. Also! Avocados contain tryptophan necessary in producing serotonin.

  • Chia seeds high in calcium, protein, Vitamin A and omega 3’s (heart health and brain!) They’re high in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A,  Zinc ,omega 3’s

  • Coconut oil In addition to its antifungal benefits,which assists with an overgrowth of harmful gut bacteria.  If your brain is inflamed, absorption of nutrients is difficult, known to be a source of quick energy.

  • Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory. This is beneficial for brain and stomach health. A digestion aid, it is known for assisting with gastric emptying, and improving blood sugar levels.

  • We all know the clamorings around kale, which is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. For a reminder: Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6,Manganese, Calcium, Copper Potassium Magnesium.  The bulk from kale will allow you to feel full for longer. Also loaded with antioxidants such as quercetin and kaempferol, known to help with inflammation and brain health.

Extra credit!

I like to add half a scoop of  Dr. Axe’s Protein Burst Bone Broth into it as well.  Bone broth is very supportive to gut health.  This one is a Pre Work out mix, so it has a slight amount of naturally occurring caffeine inside. I do this instead of coffee. It also has other great stuff in it like Organic Ashwagandha great for thyroid balance and anxiety regulation and Apple Cider Vinegar, which also helps with pH and gut health.