Hey. I’m Lauren.

I’m a Health and Wellness Coach for long time sufferers of depression, anxiety and fatigue.

What does that mean exactly?

A huge percentage of the population struggles with depression, anxiety and fatigue.

A large chunk of those people don’t feel alleviated by any of the typical treatments like meds and therapy. Sure, Maybe they help a little, but they keep you at a baseline.


So, maybe you’ve tried a few different things at this point, but you still hear yourself saying:

  • “I’m frustrated that it’s been this way for so long.”

  • “Everything feels like a big deal and requires a lot of energy, more than other people.”

  • “I constantly feel like I am walking through a heavy cloud of exhaustion.”

  • “I have terrible memory recall.”

  • “I am frequently distracted.”

  • “I don’t see the point in any of this, living life, getting better.”

  • “Everything little task seems really hard.”

  • “I don’t have any passion any more.”

  • I feel worthless.”

  • I’m all alone.”

Why are we still feeling this way? Depression, anxiety and fatigue are symptoms of something greater…not a diagnosis. (EXCLAMATION POINT) My mind was pretty blown when I learned that tidbit.

Ok, so what do you do?

So. Seeing as depression, anxiety, and fatigue are symptoms of something greater, It’s important to look at the body as a whole. A big piece of the puzzle is asking ourselves, “what are we putting into our body? And why?” How is this affecting us? There is a lot of overwhelm around food. There’s a lot of shame around food. There is a tendency to use food as a pacifier when you’re depressed, anxious, tired. The foods we chose in these cases make the symptoms worse. It’s a cycle. A really frustrating cycle.

A cycle that I’d like to help you break.

I’d also like to provide you with support along the way with tools and assistance with your self discovery. We’ll take a look at how you feel now and how you’d like to feel in the future, and we’ll work together to bridge that gap. Creating nutritional and mindset support and holding you gently accountable every step of the way.